Junior Guevarra is a young, funky rock and pop band, with an extensive repertoire of songs from The Beatles to the Kings of Leon, Stevie Wonder to Bruno Mars. Having gigged at some of the UK’s most prestigious events, hundreds of wedding venues and hotels and festivals. They have years of experience behind them including performing for clients such as Arsenal FC and Keith Prowse Corporate Hospitality to name but a few.

Performing together since the age of 15, Junior Guevarra was founded by lead singer and guitarist Jayson Jaurigue aka JJ and joining him are founding members Shaun Da Silva Longueira (bass guitar) and Dan Western (drums). Their journey started in their home town of Henley on Thames, where they created popular jam nights in local pubs and then went onto to bigger and better things travelling all over the country and abroad.

Alongside the core of Junior Guevarra, other musicians frequently join them depending on the clients brief. They include: Tom Michell (lead guitar), Stevie Jones (saxophone and keys), Luke Burnett Smith (bass guitar), Jack Craig (Lead guitar), Sam Wilkinson (Drums), Amir Sharma (Lead singer/guitarist), Jamie Bruce (lead singer).

Through years of hard graft and vast performances they are now regarded as one of the most professional and energetic rock and pop cover bands in the country. Their tight bond as musicians and best friends makes them slick on stage and with their unique twist on covers of modern pop to classic soul and funk there is something for every generation. Delivering songs with passion and enthusiasm puts them a cut above the rest and will guarantee to make any event unforgettable.