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Stevie started his career in 2001 with the legendary Acid Jazz Records (writing and producing “Family” by The Music Project.) In 2005 he was asked to guest appear on Elkie Brooks’ album. She subsequently asked him to guest as a soloist at Ronnie Scotts Soho. This sell out week at Ronnie Scott’s in 2005 closed the deal and she asked him to join the band.

During his time with Elkie, writing and producing music for artists and also for Film and TV (BBC 1 Sky TV Channel 4) he has maintained a long term friendship with JJ (frontman of Junior Guevarra). In 2006 JJ and Stevie started gigging in the alps through the winter period and have been working together ever since, musically and also on other music business ventures.

Stevie continues to write, play and produce for his band called Brother Strut who released their debut album in November 2013 and have an organised tour in April and May 2014. Check out for further info.